Civil Engineering

Key project elements.

Community Reputation

A vast depth of consulting experience.

Civil Engineering is a key element in project development. The success of the project is directly linked to the utilization of an engineering firm that has experience in consulting with Florida’s local, county, regional, and state agencies.

We maintain a great reputation within the Engineering Community by providing fair market pricing for our services. Our determination, company dynamics, and professional demeanor has allowed us to create custom Civil Engineering Solutions for our clients.

Our formula for success

We are extremely proud of our success with our clients.

Since our inception in 1999, our philosophy has always been to maintain client satisfaction in both the private and municipal sectors.

We create a planning tool, or “map”, for our staff and clients to manage the civil engineering project by:

  • Establishing client goals with budgetary expectations
  • Applying valuable engineering know-how to attain goals
  • Conducting due diligence of the project parameters & constraints
  • Meeting with jurisdictional permitting agencies
  • Preparing a comprehensive Scope & Fee proposal
  • Evaluating a project design & permit schedule
  • Proceeding as professionals with the estalished tasks